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Feel the wind on your face this weekend

Yesterday, I stood for two minutes and felt the wind on my face. How often is it that any of us stop and do that?

We’re so busy doing “stuff” that we forget the simple things in life; things that can give us the most pleasure.

One of the lessons in our life is to think which of our daily tasks would be better done by someone else.

You might hate doing the $10 an hour stuff, $100 an hour stuff, $1000 an hour stuff, and so on, so when you ditch those tasks you become happier.

And when you are happier you are more relaxed.

And that allows you to be more creative.

And with creativity come the big breakthroughs in your business.

Then you can focus on the things that you are really expert at.

It’s a big mental leap to be ready to do so, but everyone I know who has done it (myself included) has never looked back.

If you can, try it.

Next weekend, feel the wind on your face!

Here, in Phuket!

I did this so many times with And I like it.