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Property rental in Thailand

Property rentals market it is one of the best choices among resources of touristic accommodation in Phuket.

The abundance of proposals includes variety of locations, housing options and the best prices. Renting a property in Thailand is relatively easy, though there are some local specifics, which should be considered:

·       Seasonal pricing

The touristic season in Thailand is divided into three periods: high, peak and low seasons. The low season is a period from May till September and it is the time of the lowest prices. Rates are usually 30 percent higher since October till April.  In the peak season, which starts a week before Christmas, it is almost impossible to find an accommodation if not booked in advance.

·       Rent contract

A rent contract is not a thing to neglect in Thailand since verbal agreements cannot serve as evidence of a deal between an owner and a tenant. A typical contract for rent usually includes monthly rate, duration of contract and secure deposit value. Any damage occurred to the property during the rent will be deducted from the secure deposit.

·       Duration of lease

Duration of a Thai property lease may affect rates remarkably. The long-term rates are 25-30 percent lower than the rates of several months contracts.  

·       Condition of a property

It is recommended to inspect the property before signing the contract to avoid any possible misunderstandings when the contract expires. The tenant is responsible for paying electricity and water bills. In case a tenant cancels the contract before its expiry the safety deposit is not refunded.

Property renting is a cheap and convenient way to organize vacations in Thailand. In Thai rentals market a customer always gets an instant access to a wide range of proposals and housing options.