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Nightlife in Phuket

Сontrary to popular opinion that Phuket is suitable for perfect family holidays only, it is considered the mecca of South Asia nightlife. 

It’s getting dark quite early here, so hundreds of relaxed expats and excited tourists are ready to party at around 10 in the evening. You may be surprised, because it seems imposable. But this is true. No matter how much busy and taught your day is, Phuket nightlife will give you not less emotions and adventure. Undoubtedly if you dare to see it at once, you will be inspired to visit the island again and again.

Crowds of tourist hurry to reach Patong’s bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants. It is indisputable that Patong is one the most popular place for night-lovers. But it’s a great errancy to think it is the only beach where you have a party.

Currently nightlife in Phuket presents various options and party-lovers can hang out almost in each part of the island.

Today night beach clubs are at the peak of popularity. Practically they are located in the north and western north of Phuket. Many expats come here to spend time, relax, make new acquaintances, as well as enjoy the evening with entire family or friends. That’s amazing because there is a pool, dining area and dancing hall here, so beach night clubs are suitable for many events. No doubts you will appreciate every inch of their offer list. Cocktails are to die for, service staffs are friendly and smiling, menu is splendid, music is excellent and…sounds of waves! Isn't that what you have come here for? 


  • 18 Nov 2015

    Street food in Phuket

    Street food in Phuket also as well as in the entire Asia is extremely popular. Night markets and cooking on the street in front of curious tourists are an integral part of an amazing Thai culture.

  • 27 Oct 2015

    Phuket Full Moon Party

    Full Moon Party is an open air party that takes place on Koh Phangan during the full moon period. This one of the events that people look forward to visiting. Thousands of clubbers from all over the world wait impatiently for that day, and when the party starts this quiet island turns to be the core of fun and lechery. 

  • 27 Oct 2015

    Best Beach in Phuket

    To tell the truth, it is a very difficult deal to name the best beach in Phuket. Actually it is impossible to do because tastes differ and this is a really subjective thing. What we can do is to enumerate the most essential criteria and evaluate Phuket beaches in accordance with them. It’s better to say “the best of the best beaches”, as each of them is in good conditions. 

  • 27 Oct 2015

    Fishing in Phuket

    The Andaman Sea is one of the best places for fishing. Marlin, sailfish, wahoo, king mackerel, rainbow mackerel, barracuda, giant trevally, dorado, various species of tuna, grouper, snapper is an incomplete list of local sea creatures.